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This is a problem that requires multiple treatments in my opinion. You need to relieve the pain and to fight the infection. First of all for the pain there is ice or very cold water, swirl it in your mouth every few minutes to help with the pain. Secondly there is tea bags or potatoes. Both can draw out an infection, I prefer the teabag myself. This helps with the pain by drawing out the infection and relieving the pain caused by the internal swelling. Simply tuck a dry teabag into your cheek against the sore tooth. Lay down for awhile I usually change the bag every 2 hours or so, but that is partially because I tend to bite down on it and I don't want it to rip open and pour tea leaves down my throat.

Secondly you need to fight the infection, garlic tablets and vitamin C have always been the best cures I have found. I can't tell you how much to take as I usually pour out a handful from each bottle and put them in my pocket and take one or two each time I take a drink of my cold water. Secondly I up the water intake to about a gallon a day or so to keep my system rinsing itself out and fight the infection. Also several times a day I rinse my mouth with peroxide letting it soak on the offending tooth for several minutes then spitting it out, I do this two or three times in a row about 4 times a day.

Usually I'm fine in between 24 and 48 hours, the infection and the pain are gone and I'm able to just go about my life.

Let me say that I know that whoever posted a million posts in this thread is correct in saying if you have an abscessed tooth you should get medical attention, unfortunately not all of us can do that, I myself have NO money, No insurance, and small kids to take care of, and a job i have to go to no matter how much pain I'm in to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head. I have had a tooth that is broken in half for about 2 years and gotten about 4 infections in it. It isn't fun and I wish I could afford to fix it so that I didn't have to keep dealing with it on my own but the truth is I just can't. I can't pick my tooth over food for my kids or paying the electric bill. But using a combination of the above tricks I've found I can at least keep the infections at bay and hopefully in the next few months my new job will Begin offering insurance and I can get it fixed

Good luck!

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Vanessa W.

Hello I want to thank you for this information. I am disabled an dlive on 600.00 a month for a family of 2. I do not have any extra money and no dental insurance but I have three broken in half teeth that are killing me. I was on diaylsis for a while and it destroye my teeth the so called health department wants 125.00 a tooth that I can not afford. I tried your way the tea bags and garlic thank you it has worked I can drink something now and actually eat. I think our government needs to help people like us with dental plans. Thank you again for your help.


I understand about the money and all but you can die from a tooth infection. Then what are the kids suppose to do without their father. I hope your new job has insurance too. I'll pray it does.


All I have to say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you're a life saver this worked wonders. The swelling went down at least 90% and the pain is almost completely gone. Only used 2 tea bags for about 4 hours total....I feel soooo much better.


this really in weekends here and our dentist are all close...went to th clini friday they did root canal but i still hurt like crazy...i have a baby to take care of and dental pain get u frustrated... i bumped into another kid and broke my front teeth when i was only 8yrs...over the years at 15 yrs i started feeling pain in my jaw n front lower teeths... went to the doc n dentist but they culd not understand why the slight pain...years went by hen i was 23 th pain got extremly sever and i coul not take it went to the doc nothing...did xtrays nothing got 3 injection during three days to help with the unknown pain...this year in augst 2008 the pain came again...went to the doc they didnt wat they say its the first time they hear such story...wnt to the dentist they did xtray ...phew...this time they detected the abscess...thank god... the pain so much ouch...they r trying to treat but its still painful...i canot remove the teeth cus its the front one and im only 25 :( wat a shame no tooth lol!!! but i am actually trying the tea bag thing right now...and let me tell u ppl...tonight i can sleep....this realy helps....thank you for ur post :)



Chad (NorCal-EastBay)

Who'd have thought. Teabags? Well, its helped me a little now and I've had it in for about 25 minutes. The pain isnt as throbbing as it once was...but the headaches are still there (the lightning jolts, I call 'em).
1 question: How do you know when it's(the abcessed tooth) infected seriously enough to the point of death???
I've had the same broken tooth now for about a year and a half because every job I've has for the past 2 years(3) has been on call due to the worsening economy, so I haven't been afforded any benefits.
It's flared up for the 2nd time now in 2 months.
First time, the pain was so intense, I had to drain it myself. Just stuck a needle over an open flame till it turned red, ran it under cool water, wiped it clean and proceeded to poke my abcess about 6 or 7 times, 1/2 inch deep in different places to ensure full drainage. Rinsed with listerine. Done.
Now I've noticed on this flare up, that I've kinda felt it(swelling or pressure) around my nasal passage and the bottom of my eye socket. The abcess wasn't as swollen as it was before but the immense pain is still there. So I cant exactly drain it until it does get bigger.
Can the infection get bigger and spread throughout the gums??? I've noticed the tooth next to this one is now a little sensitive when chewing.


i sure hope this works. I am like u in some ways. My kids are growen but as the economy is bad i ahve been out of work for several months and have a tooth broke off at the gum and no money to pay a dentiest so i am going to give this a try. Thanks for the info


Thank You a million times over!!!! I have dental insurance but it is still going to cost $850 for the dental work that I am in need of. This tea bag thing did the trick. I have been up blubbering for four hours now. I ran to the store at four thirty in the morning. didn't even get out the door. and put the tea bag in my cheek. by the time i got home i felt amazingly better. Thank You!!!


OMG I have been suffering for days with an abcess my cheek was swollen so bad read this about ten mins ago ran and got a tea bag read some comment's took the tea bad out just to check and poof the big sack of swelling in my cheek was gone! I had just about totally givin up hope as a mother of 2 one who is special need's I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Who knows how much longer I would have suffered with this and I just don;t have time for it! After taking a zillon pain pills and being on antibiotic's and enduring the stomach pain from all thepain pills this is totally amazing!


I have seen many postings recommending a tea bag or potato in the cheek. As I just tried the tea bag last night since I had no potatoes, I thought I should point something out. I have a very shallow jaw and gum line, add swelling and this made it nearly impossible to get a tea bag in my cheek. And yes, I used a small single serving bag. However, I did bear with the pressure even with the pain it caused, for about half an hour. It still seemed to work, though. When I got up this morning the swelling had gotten worse along with the pain, however there was a puss pocket on top of the abccess that was easily popped and I was able to squeeze most of the puss out. I went back to bed for about two more hours. By the time I woke up I was virtually pain free. The swelling had gone down by almost two thirds. It has continued to go down all day and I barely have a knot there now. The pain is gone as long as I do not hit my jaw on anything.

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