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This is a problem that requires multiple treatments in my opinion. You need to relieve the pain and to fight the infection. First of all for the pain there is ice or very cold water, swirl it in your mouth every few minutes to help with the pain. Secondly there is tea bags or potatoes. Both can draw out an infection, I prefer the teabag myself. This helps with the pain by drawing out the infection and relieving the pain caused by the internal swelling. Simply tuck a dry teabag into your cheek against the sore tooth. Lay down for awhile I usually change the bag every 2 hours or so, but that is partially because I tend to bite down on it and I don't want it to rip open and pour tea leaves down my throat.

Secondly you need to fight the infection, garlic tablets and vitamin C have always been the best cures I have found. I can't tell you how much to take as I usually pour out a handful from each bottle and put them in my pocket and take one or two each time I take a drink of my cold water. Secondly I up the water intake to about a gallon a day or so to keep my system rinsing itself out and fight the infection. Also several times a day I rinse my mouth with peroxide letting it soak on the offending tooth for several minutes then spitting it out, I do this two or three times in a row about 4 times a day.

Usually I'm fine in between 24 and 48 hours, the infection and the pain are gone and I'm able to just go about my life.

Let me say that I know that whoever posted a million posts in this thread is correct in saying if you have an abscessed tooth you should get medical attention, unfortunately not all of us can do that, I myself have NO money, No insurance, and small kids to take care of, and a job i have to go to no matter how much pain I'm in to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head. I have had a tooth that is broken in half for about 2 years and gotten about 4 infections in it. It isn't fun and I wish I could afford to fix it so that I didn't have to keep dealing with it on my own but the truth is I just can't. I can't pick my tooth over food for my kids or paying the electric bill. But using a combination of the above tricks I've found I can at least keep the infections at bay and hopefully in the next few months my new job will Begin offering insurance and I can get it fixed

Good luck!

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Right now, I have two abscessed teeth. Two molors one on each side, are rotted out. I'm only 24, but I've had bad teeth since I was little, and ever since leaving highschool, I have not had health or dental insurance. I am going to try this remedy, minus the garlic pills. (I have none) But however I will try the tea bag! That, and drinking a lot of water and I just popped a vitamin, and another with more vitamin C. I've been rinsing with salt water too. Thankyou for this suggestion because I am at a wits end in pain!


i would just like to say that i have been dealing with this pain for 2 days now and haven't been able to find anything that worked. so i got online and decided to try this. the teabag has been in for about 20 minutes now and has been doing ok. the pain has not gone away completely but it is getting better as the time goes on. i have been taking antibiotics for a little under 24 hours and i would like to say thank you for the teabag idea. it is working well, and if your reading this trying to figure out if it works. go get a teabag and try it!!


These are good ideas..that is, if you have the time. Wherever there is pain, its your body telling you to fix it...or the body will fix it for you, sometimes not the way you intended. In abcessed teeth, the body will try to build a wall between the bloodstream and to the tooth infection. Sometimes this wall can last from weeks to years, however once it lets go, the infection can get into the bloodstream. If you feel discomfort around the eye or nose, its only days until it reaches the brain. Once the infection is in the brain, its only a couple of weeks...and your dead.


Thank you for this post im typing with the bag on my tooth its in terrible pain i have a wisdom tooth that the dentist broke off trying to remove its awful.I dont have insurance the dentist saifd it is $300 at least to remove it so im dealing with pain.I can tell it feels better already its been about 20 min. now.i'll repost tomm. to let you know how it feels.

hope 2 go 2 the FREE CLINIC

WOW!!! the tea bag thing really does work... I have been on antibotics 4 a lil over 24 hours and the pain killers we'll just call take a lil pain away pills. I have had abscessed teeth before and never got in this much pain... EVER!!! it's been 3days 4 me and it does hurt under my nose. I am calling the FREE CLINIC 2morrow b/c other than home remedies 4 pain this can apperanltey be a very serious and life threating problem... So use a tea bag and fins a FREE CLINIC if u are like the rest of use and don't have insurance or any $$


I have had an abcess for about a week now, and am taking pain killer every 2hrs just about. I am a single mother and am working but will not be permanent at my job til monday and my medical insurace won't kick in for 30 days from tomorrow. 6 days ago I got off of work and what I thought was a minor toothache turned into a 11 hr ordeal with no relief. By the time it was time for me to get up the next day, I had took so much painkiller I was seeing double and the room was spinning. Needless to say I missed work and a days pay only to find no dentist would see me without money upfront. I am using this tea-bag right now and actually feel relief finally. Thank you so much!!


I've tried a bunch of different home remedies so believe me when I say... this works!! Thanks for posting!!


This is to the woman that has to pay bills and suffer with tooth pain. Number One....Don't vote for John Edwards, he is a liar. Number 2...I have the same tooth problem but I will not use this forum to cry about not having any money, instead I will suggest that you go immediately to a University with a dental program or a clinic. I got X-rays, exam and extraction for 80.00, that's only a few cases of beer and a couple packs of smokes to you. If you use your brain, you can get services that you can afford, there is not a dental crisis in this country.


I now have to have 5 root canals. We have insurance but for root canals they only cover 35% which when you have this many root canals, that doesn't really help when you end up paying out of pocket a couple of thousand. I will def. try the tea bags. I have been on antibiotics and lorcet but the lorcet is NOT my thing...I just used motrin 800 to help. For those who need help since you have no insurance, check with either the medicaid office and/or for free or discounted clinics in the area or the closest metro area. I know if I am having issues with insurance (federal benefits at that) then I know that having none is harder. Best of luck to everyone suffering these pains!


I have to say the tea bag really works. I was starting to get really bad pain and gum swollen. Took pain medicine and antibiotic. Huuby saw the pain and went to get anbesol, while he was gone checked the net. Read a million remedies and the tea bag kept coming up and with good comments. Put a dry tea bag next to bad tooth. It's been about 10 minutes I can now close my mouth all the way, the gum was swollen and preventing closing completly. THANKS

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