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Midwest mama

' PRID' salve is the best remedy. Daughter had a boil on her leg, doctored it everyday with the salve. It finally opened up by itself and core popped out. It's a drawing salve, and black and sticky. Apply on cyst and cover with bandage, do that every day. It's cheap and you can get it at Walmart. I had used it also, just be patient. Good Luck!

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Oregano externally? I've been taking oregano oil internally for other reasons and did nothing of my cyst.


This thread isn't about boils, it's about sebaceous cysts; totally different thing.


I tried PRID on my sebaecous cyst with absolutely zero results.


Made a quick poultice of half white toothpaste, and vicks vapor rub. Cover and tape lightly. On 2nd night of treatment...the cysts erupted.

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