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I had two areas infected with ringworm recently, and being moderately vain in character, I needed to clear them up lickety-split.
I had perused several home-remedy pages, and tried using the saltpack/saltwater method, with no success. I had caught my ringworm early, though, and tried still.
I found an effective cure, and it sorted it out within days, but it is somewhat climate dependant. I went to the beach in 90 degree weather, and let the sun pound on the infected area for a good couple hours. When I got back home, I simply out-of-the-blue decided to try using essential oil of Rosemary on the ringworm. I used a high-grade essential oil, put plenty on a cotton wad, and applied it to the affected area (about the size of a quarter) and left it on all day, repeating this at night. There was a miniscule burning sensation, but not unbearable in the least.
By the second day, it had dried up and dried off (the outer ring), and I repeated the application for several days afterward, also getting sun when possible. It has worked like a charm.
Good luck, folks!

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Tanning in a tanning booth/bed works also, aka not climate dependant. It doesn't take much, and a the short time to reduce the fungus won't do much other skin damage.
It can also help as a preventitve option if you tan once in a while continuously. Ringworm tends to come back often once you've had it, like a cold sore, and if you are wrestler, fighter, or work with animals, tanning can help keep it from coming back when involved in 'risky ringworm behavior'

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