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I suffer a relatively rare condition which results in my entire respiratory system becoming imflamed and irritated, including the sinuses. A frequent side effect of this is debilitating ear congestion that is very painful, can result in severe loss of hearing and cause issues with balance.

I have found menthol crystals effective at relieving congestion caused by sinus problems. These are used along with the steaming method and are just dropped in the hot water so that the vapours can be inhaled. They are very cheap and availible from most pharmacies, although they are an irritant so caution is advised when using them and it is recommended that you not use too many at once or in water that is too hot.

In addition to this I frequently flush out the sinuses using boiled (and subsequently cooled) water, common household salt, and a small amount of detergent/soap. The boiling ensures that the water is sterile (never use water straight out of the tap), salt is proven to effect bacterial growth (which is the cause of many sinus problems and infections, and why salt is so frequently used as a preservative), whilst the detergent breaks down mucas which can cause blockages and provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

Flushing is easy. I use a medical syringe, but there are all mannner of devices that can be purchased for this use, or alternatively simply 'inhaling' the solution from a cupped hand will work. Just tip your head to one side, squirt/inhale the water through the raised nostril and it will flush out the sinuses before leaving via the bottom nostril. blow your nose and reapeat as necessary.

Doctors recommend that people with persistant problems can flush safely upto three times a day, although if you do suffer persistantly I would advise that you see an ear, nose and throat specialist as your issues may be indicative of an underlying medical problem such as mine, infections, allergies or intolerances.

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