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I have RLS since adolescence and now at 59 I think I finally found something that helps me since I am resistant to meds. The doctor told me to take vitamin D (4000 mg) + 600 mg of calcium and 300mg of magnesium. This somewhat helps. But I still get them. So in desperation I looked online for a list of natural antispasmodic herbs and spice and I came up with this simple home made herbal tea mix that works almost instantly each time for me. I'm so happy I decided to share this online. The ingredients are cheap and simple. Take 5 minutes to make.

You will need:

Fresh ginger peeled and grated
Cinnamon powder
Fennel seeds
Honey ( raw or organic if possible)
Boiled water

While the water is boiling
Add to a cup:
A full teaspoon of ginger
A half of teaspoon of cinnamon
Half a teaspoon of fennel seeds
Half a teaspoon of honey

Cover with the hot water let brew for 5 minutes mixing it on and off. You can start sipping slowly as the mixture takes all its flavor for instant relief in my case. You might be surprised as I was with the light stingy taste of the fresh raw ginger and the taste of black licorice of the fennel but I got used to them and now like it now.
I know its an inconvenience to do this when the RLS wakes you at 2 am when you have to get up for work at 6 am, so I make a big batch ahead of time and freeze it in an ice cube tray. I then brake the cubes in a bag and when it hits ( usually in the evening or at night) I simply take a couple of cubes out, boil water for a quick fix and fall back asleep with 15 to 30 minutes when this usually could keep me awake for hours in pain. I also noted the quality of my sleep has improved as a bonus!

I hope this helps another sufferer especially the med resistant like me.

It worth the try, you have nothing to loose!

Good luck and tell me if it helped you.

Sleep tight!


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I made this spiced tea yesterday evening, then sipped some at 2am this morning and can still not believe how quickly it sent me into deep sleep! Simply amazing! I am also trying switching to a non-gluten diet so maybe someday will be medication-free! Thank you so much!!

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