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OK ladies...
So I suffered from bv from age range of 15 until about 1 year ago. I am now 25. I've tried it all, I can assure you. The last time I had bv I did go to the doctor and she prescribed flagyl which indeed worked. I recommend going to doctor, but I understand home remedies are necessary sometimes due to finances. In the past, the bv would keep reoccurring after doctor visits, but not this last last time. I believe this is because I changed a few things I was doing on the regular. Everyone's body is different so what worked for me may or may not be of benefit for you, but hopefully it will. However something that will, in fact, work for everyone is PRAYER!! So definitely do that. As for the other changes I made, here goes..
I switched my soap to a bar cleanser called vanicream. It is in the face wash section at Walgreens. It's around 4 dollars. Kind of expensive for 1 bar of soap, but worth it! It's so light and fragrance free. It says on the box it can be used all over body. Now, if I ever feel the slightest itch or discomfort, I rub some 100% organic coconut oil down there. I use as lubricant during sex. It's very safe and healthy for your vag. I shower in the morning and at night. I never wear underwear. And i try to always drink a lot of water daily. I take a probiotic that specifically states it is for vaginal health. It says on the box that it balances bacteria and yeast in the vagina. I got it at walmart for $20. That pretty much sums up what I do now.
For ppl suffering from a current bv infection, here is some home remedies. Although I really encourage you to try to go to doctor. Coconut oil needs to be your bestfriend now! Try freezing it in a small sandwich bag. Just enough to insert in vag. Mold it into a cylindershape for easy insert and freeze. Do this at night for at least 7 days. Lay down whne inserting and go to sleep! Or, if like me, and you just feel the need to use it in fear one is coming, spread a little down there. It is really runny when melted. If I just had sex, or after a period, or anytime I feel the need, I spread a little down there and literally by the next day I'm good and the bv vengeance does not after the infection is gone, remember it can be used this way as well. You can also put a few drops of tea tree oil in the coconut oil and then freeze. This is one of the most effective remedies for bv, I've found. The smell doesn't go completely away from the coconut oil the first dahs but helps a lot until it completely leaves. Vitamin C inserts seem to help a lot with the smell. And with the infection. But I still feel coconut oil is a safer approach because it doesn't burn. Again, I tell you, I suffered for almost ten years. All the vitamins, douches,.and other diys didn't help. It wasn't until mainly I just focused on taking probiotics for the vagina, switched soap, lost the undies, and kept coconut oil within reach for emergencies. Now I am bv free. Thank you Jesus.

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I was told if you treat yourself you have to treat your partner because you just passing it to one another.

I've just started using coconut oil and I'm liking what I have used it for so far. I heard it works on so many things.

Thanks for your home remedies. I'm hoping it will be very helpful as I do get this more often now that I'm well into my 50's


No offense, but with all the crap going on in the world right now, I highly doubt Jesus cares about your coochie.


Never lose hope! I have dealt with BV for some years now. I contributed to stress and oral sex. My husband left me when I was really sick with digestive issues, but i'm still looking for answers. Definitely see a difference when i cut down in sugars. Today discovered moxibution treatment, so far it has fortified my digestion.

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