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I've come to this website a few times for the past 4 weeks. which is how long my ears have been plugged up. I tried everything. Sudafed PE, Sudafed maximum strength, ear candles, antibiotics for an ear infection, and some other things I can't remember. None worked. Finally I read someones suggestion. Go to the doctor, which I did yesterday. The doctor told me that the reason why none worked is because it seems as if I have allergies and my allergies aren't giving my sinuses enough time to decongest. So she told me to buy some Claritin D the 24 hr kind. So after spending $40 on co payments and meds my ears are finally startig to pop. As a matter of fact my left ear totally popped and I could hear again till I blew my nose. But at least I know there is hope again. Good luck to all of you.

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Nature Boy Willow

You can also try squeezing your nose and closing you mouth now suck in and you can feel your ears open in your throat. this will stay like that untill you yawn or pop your ears. I find that by doing this it helps pull any fluids that may have gone into the ear canal from blowing your nose too hard. You can also use a netti pot to clean your sinusis it works great during alergy season. but takes a bit of getting used to the feeling of pouring water through your nose while breathing through your mouth.

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