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I've had a large cut on one side for over 2 months. I thought it was due to a B12 deficiency, but I took supplements for over a month and the cut persisted! I was putting Aquafor and Vaseline on it regularly as well to no avail. After some googling I thought I might have AC. I picked up Curad Silver Solution from Walgreens for 8.99 just to try it because a few people on this site talked it up so much. Over night my cut has healed by about 80%. Yesterday the sore was re-opening and bleeding every time I yawned or ate and today I can open my mouth as wide as possible and there is no cracking! I can't even feel it! I don't know what is in this gel but it keeps it the cut closed. There is no doubt that now this will be healed in no time. JUST TRY IT!!!

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I just bought some silver solution less than an hour ago and I can already tell that it is healing my cracked lips. Thanks for the post. Also, it is not an easy item to find at Walgreens.

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