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Some good info on here, thanks folks
Done lots of research & diet helps a lot foods with vitamins A C & E and zinc specifically.

Massaging the scar when healed enough for 30 seconds 3x a day or more is recommended as its breaks down the stuff that scars & promotes the good stuff that doesn't. It has done wonders for mine.

Most importantly new medical research advises a wound should be kept wet to prevent scarring, not dry as traditionally thought, although we needed scabs once to prevent infection, now we have plasters etc and so now they are what cause scarring.So keep moist.

Clean with antiseptic regularly & cover until healed enough to not scab over. This also stops discolouring which can happen with sun / daylight at a time when when the wound/scar is at its most vulnerable.

I had an open but not weeping scar and after a week keeping it clean & sterilised put honey on to keep it moist and bandaged lightly, did this for 10 days till it healed enough to start using Aloe, then another 10 days later started to use scar cream with fit C and massaged it.

Has made a big difference, I believe it will go completely as long as I am consistent enough to carry on the regime - lets hope :)

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