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Home Remedies To Reduce Hair Fall

Every women’s dream for healthy and long hair, and also men (even if they do not always want to admit it). So in this article Home Remedies To Reduce Hair Fall, we are going to share some of the most effective and natural home remedies to reduce hair fall.
Beautiful and healthy hair is the symbol of youth and strength, they play a very important role in our life. Such as, in mate choice and of course they are also one of the striking feature of our body.

In Arab countries, they is a saying “The hair is the most beautiful ornament of women”, and i personally can agree to this. Back to the topic, over the years we seeing so many people having hair fall issue and they are fed up after trying all expensive products like gels, conditioners etc but having no results.

We all know that as long as you have healthy hair, so everything seems to be good. Unfortunately, there are many women who insidious or sudden hair to fall out.

So let’s talk about what causes hair fall ? , following are some of the most common causes of hair fall.

Physical illness
Hormonal changes in the body(eg. As pregnancy)
Age (As.menopause)

Hair loss can also be caused by a disturbed mineral balance in the body or by a over acidified scalp.

There are some other causes of hair fall as well, like stress, poor diet, drugs, or alcohol abuse. It cause the body to produce large amounts of acid. To compensate for this, the body consumes large amounts of minerals, which draws from the body, just as well from the scalp (and also from the bones and teeth, which also can be damaged ).

So when loses their hair, many of them try all sorts of remedies from the grocery store or pharmacy, but there are also some home remedies and tips that you can try.

home remedies to reduce hair fall

D not eat any foods made from white flour, eat less sugar and sweet foods, drink some coffee and black tea, take no alcohol, do not smoke, drink little fat milk and highly carbonated water.

Also, stress and anger can cause hair loss. So try to avoid stress.

Do not use a shampoo that contains a lot of perfume in it.

Do hair treatments by using a fenugreek decoction.

A mixture of olive oil and lemon juice is also suitable as a liniment for the scalp. Massage twice weekly.

Remedy to reduce Hair fall:


Burdock (15 g)
Nettle (15 g)
Birch, (10 g)
Arnica (20 g)
Boxwood, (20 g)
Rosemary (10 g)
Lavender (10 g)


Boil all the ingredients for 5 minutes in 2 liters of good vinegar, then let steep for 30 minutes and strain the herb vinegar add a fragrance and store it.
Daily massage on your sculp well with this vinegar, and let it dry itself.

Make a mixture of honey and a finely chopped onion and massage on the scalp. Leave it overnight, it can also help to reduce hair fall.

Massage the scalp regularly with coconut oil, it can also help to reduce hair fall.

Now there are also special shampoos, where caffeine is included. According to independent tests, these shampoos should be able to slow down hereditary hair fall.

Castor Oil also helps to control hair fall:

Rub the scalp twice a week with the castor oil, leave it on overnight and wash it next morning.


Note: There may be a fungal infection, so going to the dermatologist is also recommended.

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