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Ladies, practice proper hygiene, & you won't have to worry about 'remedies'. Alcohol your rectum & your buttocks, after each BM, & before sex - thoroughly.

It's E. coli, left on the rectums & buttocks of women, not their male partners penis's, that causes nearly all of sexually related UTI's.

If a woman uses just toilet paper, or just water, or even soap & water to wash her rectum & buttocks after a BM, & before sex, she is not killing E. coli. E. coli can only be killed using a germicide &/or bactericide.

The woman has E. coli on her rectum & buttocks after a BM, the penis then touches these areas during sex (though this is not necessary, E. coli has 'legs' & the friction & lubrication involved in sexual intercourse is enough to make the E. coli travel from the skin to the urethra).

Every woman should be using alcohol on her rectum, buttocks & under arms anyway, to smell good, & a low dose alcohol tonic like witch hazel, to kill germs on the skin. Women that use soap & water to clean themselves, are not as clean as women who use alcohol on parts of the body.

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Misogynists should really stay out of things they don't understand.


Spoken like a man who knows little to nothing about women and/or about hygiene in general. Firstly, alcohol does not kill E. coli. Secondly, the two best ways to protect yourself from E. coli in the anal area are: 1. Washing the area with an antibacterial soap before sex, or 2. Using a dental dam or Saran wrap (cling film) in the area while having sex.

Pass on the infos

Surprisingly. Rubbing my penis with alchol caused Urinary Tract Infection. So i had to treat it with antibiotic, alcohol is inflammatory to genital area. E.coli lives on raw meat or feses, its not on the skin.

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