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Ladies, practice proper hygiene, & you won't have to worry about 'remedies'. Alcohol your rectum & your buttocks, after each BM, & before sex - thoroughly.

It's E. coli, left on the rectums & buttocks of women, not their male partners penis's, that causes nearly all of sexually related UTI's.

If a woman uses just toilet paper, or just water, or even soap & water to wash her rectum & buttocks after a BM, & before sex, she is not killing E. coli. E. coli can only be killed using a germicide &/or bactericide.

The woman has E. coli on her rectum & buttocks after a BM, the penis then touches these areas during sex (though this is not necessary, E. coli has 'legs' & the friction & lubrication involved in sexual intercourse is enough to make the E. coli travel from the skin to the urethra).

Every woman should be using alcohol on her rectum, buttocks & under arms anyway, to smell good, & a low dose alcohol tonic like witch hazel, to kill germs on the skin. Women that use soap & water to clean themselves, are not as clean as women who use alcohol on parts of the body.

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No. Do not ever put rubbing alcohol on your genitals or anus. This is such horrible dangerous advice. This has to be a troll comment.


Alcohol? Wtf us wrong with this person? Don't do it or you will suffer worse than any uti. wtf?


You could try dunking women in a bath of bleach as that would make them clean enough for the very clean males to go near them!!!!! What a load of Trollop from some kind of preconception of teaching women they are dirty and somewhat contagious and men are not! Men carry smegma at the end of their penis which give women CANCER if they don't clean themselves

Not a pretentious twat

Uh, how often do you take a sh*t, your majesty? Once a month? If you are washing your 'rectum and buttocks' every single day, you are not cleanly, you are obsessive-compulsive! Your know-it-all comment doesn't help anyone and you sound pretentious - using rubbing alcohol is most likely damaging your brain cells 'cause too much of it is entering your 'rectum and buttocks'


You have lost your freaking mind. Alcohol leads to infections smh.


What's wrong with you? You're giving flawed and dangerous advice to people!
If you don't know something just keep your mouth shut.

And FYI. Here as a male getting advice for a UTI. It isn't just females.


Wouldn't it logically follow that if a woman has bacteria on her anus, and a man transfers this bacteria to her urethra during sexual contact, that some bacteria would still remain on the penis? The bacteria don't magically hitch a ride on the penis to a urethral utopia and subsequently leave the penis squeaky clean. There are bacteria on the penis. It is important for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN to keep anal areas clean. I have had UTIs for the past five years, and they are mostly triggered by certain men. I was completely UTI free for an entire year while I was with a very clean man who ate probiotics daily and mostly antibiotic-free organic meat. Certain men will have healthier bacterial fauna than others. You can normally tell by examining their urine and feces for unpleasant odors and by examining their skin for blemishes and acne and their gums for inflammation, which can be caused by bacteria. Men who have unhealthy diets consisting mainly of processed foods high in sugar and commercial meat products may also harbor large quantities of harmful bacteria. Many men are most likely colonized with this bacteria with no symptoms. If you have frequent UTIs I recommend avoiding sex with men that you believe might be colonized with harmful bacteria.


That being said, UTIs have a variety of causes and may not always be caused by sexual contact with a partner harboring harmful bacteria. However, if you are with a man such as this one who feels the need to post an aggressive comment attacking women inflicted with this illness, accusing them of being the cause, DUMP HIM. He very well could be the reason you are experiencing UTIs, which may never resolve, as his narcissistic, defensive attitude will prevent him from accepting any responsibility and subsequently taking action to remedy the issue.

Ms Sarcasm

Hey Einstein! I get my UTI from passing kidney stones. Am I supposed to drink the alcohol or just swallow the wipes. Dumba$$


The alcohol is stupid advice. N I agree. Somethings wrong with a person in their head if they do that s..t

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