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Hey everyone i just want to say i have had surgery to remove my warts, i have never been happier, anal warts were ruining my life and stopping me from doing the things i wanted to do as they hurt and bleed and had an odd smell to them, mine were extensive, i tried every home remedy known to man and they just spread, surgery was my only option, i have had little to no pain after surgery and i highly recommend you see a doctor rather than try all sorts of things that can damage your skin further!

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RC Cola

After trying ACV for 2 months with little or no results, I also underwent surgery to have them removed via cauterization. The surgery and the recovery period afterwards have been extremely uncomfortable and painful, but I have confidence it was the right choice. I really wish the ACV would have worked. There is nothing pleasant about any of this...


My second week of recovery was dreadful i almost fainted because lf the pain when i have a bowel movement, coconut oil was my saviour, it seems the surgeon didnt get them all i have 4 left and have another surgery scheduled in 3 months :(


Hi im not sure about this lumpy things around my anus,im too shy to go the doctor and check out,its not itchy at all,fingers cross hope it not warts as i can feel the pain and not looking for surgical intervention,is this procedure here in Australia or America


I think you should go to the doctors as i left mine for a long time and they spread quickly and hot bigger so i needed surgery, the doctors have seen it all so dont be shy, i am from the UK and had my surgery in the UK


Hi thank you for reply finally out of the shell went to the doctor and its wart i got prescribe with wartec cream its 3 days treatment hopefully will disappear in 3 days will post the update :))

girl on fire

I have no insurance and have been dealing with this since March I just got a job and can not wait to get treated I almost sure I will need surgery. How long is the recovery do you think I will be able to return to work with in days. I am in pain daily sometimes I cry. I take a shower like two times a day. And they bleed when I have a bowel movement. Sometimes I think they have an order. Ugh.


Trust me you will be 100% better when you have the surgery, my first week after i was fine , little pain when having a bowel movement. 2nd week was bad i will admit, this was probably due to the scar tissue healing and becoming tighter, take sitz baths as much as you can and use raw coconut oil on the area,3rd and 4th week there was no pain at all :) i'd say take 2 weeks off but everyone is different.


I have surgery scheduled (cauterization) and am very curious about recovery. I'm not a fan of drugs but the surgeon is telling me to be prepared to take a week off from work. Anyone have feedback who has had the surgery?


Hey i have anal warts but i dont know what to do and they are very painful when im coming back to the toilet so what can i do please i need your help guys

Mark of Dubai

I had surgery (cautheterization) under spinal anesthesia (lower part of your body will be numbed) last June.4, it was painful on first week specially during bowel movement and today June29 i noticed 2 very small lump again and when i checked on the mirror, its warts. I feel so sad 'coz I just had my surgery this month, I dont know if my doctor overlooked that part or not. But I need to be strong and 1st week of July 2015 I will visit again my doctor. I spent 1,110USD in my Surgery.

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