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I have suffered with cold sores on and off ever since I could walk. Having been a shy and rather stressed out child, I always got them the days leading up to birthday parties or times were I knew I'd be involved with crowds. Like most chronic sufferers, I've tried everything under the sun. The best remedy I've found thus far is the prescription Valtrex as soon as you feel the tingle (I was prescribed to take two then and two more 8 hours later). That usually stops them in their tracks. When it doesn't, after having used the Valtrex, I am CONSTANTLY (hourly) applying ice, then tea tree oil, then raw honey, and oil of oregano every second cycle, with plain Vaseline before bedtime! I've found that the raw, natural, and as-unprocessed-as-possible versions of all of these work the best. My last cold sore before this regime was monsterous! So bad that I was asked if I had been punched in the mouth. I started this application ritual and my cold sore was GONE within 48 hours. Blisters, scabs, redness, everything. Gone. Another reliever that I find helps if scabs do develop is InfiniteAloe Skin Care lotion. Its certified having been made with natural ingredients and helps take the burning away. I hope this helps!!!

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