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Jacksonville Phil

Try cutting a slight 'V' knotch on the end and mid point of your toe nail. This causes the nail to grow towards the center away from the edges. This is not a quick fix, but over time, it works well.

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I do this every time I get an ingrown toenail, and it works for me-it completely cures it until the next time I manage to get one. (Usually for cutting my nail too short, lol.) For those of you that say it doesn't work, it is case-specific. It works better if you catch it early. I do, however, have a friend that gets really bad ingrown toenails, and she has to get them surgically removed. She has tried everything under the sun, and nothing has worked for her except for the surgical method. It just depends on the person. As for anyone who wants to try it, what harm can it do? Worried about it getting snagged? Put a band-aid on it.


Cut a V and Harm You'll See
It's time to divorce yourself from that old wives tale that you can treat an ingrown nail by cutting a V-shaped wedge out of its center. (The theory behind this fallacy is the misconception that ingrown toenails are the result of a nail being too big.)

This practice won't prevent an ingrown nail, as some believe. 'Chances are the only thing you'll do is hurt yourself,' says Houston podiatrist William Van Pelt, D.P.M., former president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.


of course a podiatrist will tell people that the 'v' cut remedy does not work. they want you to go and see them for help. they will lose customers if you can fix it your self. it can work if done early, its not an ol wives tale. its an old way of repairing the problem, maybe one of the oldest


The reasoning of the myth is that if one cuts a V in the nail, the edge of the nail will grow together as the nail grows out. This does not happen - the shape of the nail is determined by the growing area at the base of the toe and not by the end of the nail. A notch does no good, and may do harm if it is cut too deeply. /end paste


I have to say that the v notch works for me as well. Not because it changes the way the nail grows, it obviously cannot do that, but it changes the way the nail presses against the nail bed. Think of a brick work archway, which is a very strong structure. If you remove the keystone at the top of the arch it can no longer stand, but will collapse. If you remove a notch from your nail, it reduces the pressure the the nail can exert on the sides of the nail bed and will relieve a mild in growth.

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