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Jacksonville Phil

Try cutting a slight 'V' knotch on the end and mid point of your toe nail. This causes the nail to grow towards the center away from the edges. This is not a quick fix, but over time, it works well.

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Cutting a ā€œVā€ does not affect the growth of the toenail. New nail growth will continue to
curve downward.


V notch for ingrown toenails has worked for me for years. The military recommends this since lots of marching in boots puts pressure on toes. It does relieve pressure even though nails grow in the direction that they do.


this is not true, and should not be done to stop, prevent or treat an ingrown toenail.


This is an excellent method. My child's pediatrician tols me about this method thirty years ago, and it always works.


Wive's tale. Toenails do not grow inward. Ask anyone who knows, like a doctor, not an amature.


Not true!


Every other website says not to cut a V!


This does not work. I had so many problems with ingrown toenails I had to get surgery done, twice. Cutting it yourself makes it worse. I do not recommend this.


Maybe it's the power of suggestion because it's physically impossible for this to work.


I have tried this, and even though it does not cure the toenail, it does relieve a lot of the pressure... I too have researched this, and I know it works because I get ingrown toenails all the time.

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