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First let me correct some misinformation under this topic.

- Abscess is not just caused by tooth, it can also be the result of gum disease or another kind of gum problems. If it's about tooth, not always because of cavity. The only time you will need to get your tooth pulled out/root canal treatment is if the abscess is because of a cavity.

- I can't believe there are people who suggest 'cold compress'! The only time cold compress is recommended for a dental thing is when you get a surgery in your mouth, and even then usually most doctors do not suggest cold press IN YOUR MOUTH but on your cheek. From outside. For abscess, you can hold room temperature water in your mouth for a bit and it could give a little relief. But cold compress? NO!

- The safest, fastest, and all-around best method is to go to a doctor. If you can do that, please do so. However this is not always possible. Sometimes it's too snowy you can't reach the doctor, sometimes abscess occurs in the middle of the night or when you are in the middle of a camp trip...etc Please take home remedy suggestions for these times as 'a method that could perhaps help a little.'

- If infection in the abscess gets into your blood, this can kill you by poisoning your blood. Thus, especially if you have a heart disease or are diabetic, or have any other health problem, don't risk it and go to a doctor immediately. A doctor will drain it while making sure (with medicine) the pus will not spread in your body. They will then give you antibiotics to be safer for the next days.

- If abscess has caused fever higher than 37'C, go to a doctor asap. Even if you take a medicine for fever and deal with it, fever still shows your abscess is not a mild case.

- If the abscess is caused by cavity, again you MUST go to a doctor eventually. If you stop the pain for couple hours with a painkiller, the reason will stay there and your pain will come back when the painkiller's effect ends.

Now Home Remedies:
- If the abscess is not caused by cavity, you are lucky. Based on my experience abscess tends to be smaller and less painful, and there are more things you can try. First thing you need is an antiseptic mouthwash. The best one I use has Benzydamine HCL and Chlorhexidine Gluconate in its formula. If you don't have a mouthwash at home, check your throat/cough syrup or spray, some of them also have those. Check if it's safe to use it as a mouthwash, if it is, then do it for the night and the next day get an actual mouthwash.

- Salty warm water, and baking soda + water are both helpful. How much salt or baking soda? The amount you would get nauseous with if you swallowed it.
(When I have an abscess I rinse my mouth almost every other hour or every 1,5 hours. Once with mouthwash, then water and salt, then baking soda and water...)

- Especially if the abscess is related to gum disease, hot compress can help. The 'hot' there should not be too hot that you would get burn/feel uncomfortable. So anyway, a tea bag on the abscess might relieve and make the abscess drain by itself by softening it. I for sure do not suggest anyone drain the abscess with a needle or something as it's risky, however if it bursts itself it's less risky. (Do NOT swallow the pus. Just spit it out.)

- Garlic on the troubled tooth and abscess might also help.

- Gently brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush. I strongly suggest Parodontax for the paste. Sensodyne is also nice but Parodontax is much more helpful.

- Lemon juice and vinegar can also help sterilizing the area. Don't forget though, both are high in acid, so don't use large amounts. I would say (well, I do) eat salad with lemon or vinegar dressing, or soup with lemon in it.

Hope you feel better!

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I currently have an abscess I'm on antibiotics as well as pain reliever Advil to be exact my Dr actually encouraged cold compress! It helped a lot. Its heat that you don't want!


Usually cold compresses are discouraged as they typically intensify the pain.
Glad it worked for you, though!


Cold compress is to help reduce swelling and pain, used against cheek. Warm comes is NEVER advised due to that helping to spread the infection into other areas. Straight from both doctors and dentists mouths. Warm compresses feel good, and seem like they help, but only increase your risk of spreading the infection to other locations.


Cold compress - as in cool, Not ice cold [cold water from your kitchen sink faucet] to be used on the Outside of the mouth (up against the outside of your cheek/jaw).

'Heat Compress' - is Usually meant as in - a temp Less than that of the 'hot' water (not hot enough to burn your skin) from your kitchen sink faucet.

*Heat is Not recommended when an infection is present.*

Warm Rinse - as in Lukewarm water temp. Never hot or cold - room temp to lukewarm.


Do NOT use hot packs!!! It will help the bacteria to continue to grow!!! Use a ice pack !!

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