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put a few handfuls of rice in a sock. Heat the sock up in the microwave (as warm as you can stand it) and put on your ache. Works like a heating pad if you don't have one.

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is the rice cooked or uncooked? tats a good idea, especially using a very long sock and can tie to our aching joints, ankles, wrists...


Use uncooked and it really does work.


1.) Lemon juice put in a spray bottle with half water can kill fleas on your pets and in your home and Dawn Liquid Detergent can be used as well to kill fleas on cats2.) Black peeppr, cayenne peeppr and hot water mixed together can clear up mucus in the nostrils and respiratory tract.3.) Jasmine rice put into a clean sock then tied can be heated and used for cramps associated with your period.4.) Mint Julep mud mask can be used to stop the swelling and itching associated with insect bites.5.) Using a soft toothbrush on your lips helps to remove chapped and dead skin6.) Raw potatoes sliced can be used a cleaning pads for the face7.) Olive oil can be used to moisturize the hair so can avacados . Avacados work well on the face too.


I use the rice from leftovers at the chinese restaurant. Sometimes, I put a little soy sauce on it first.

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