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ACV and/or Organic Aloe Vera Gel!!!


Even if you always use a condom the vagina/vaginal fluids, penis shaft and scrotum come in contact! Even if you're selective of your partners! The more partners you have the more risk of getting one of these STDs so please limit your partners!

The good news is that getting GW is not the end of the world - even though it seems like it. After you notice your first breakout you're usually likely to get a lot more in the following weeks. Don't panic AND don't waste your money on expensive creams and doctor visits.

If you want to get rid of them ASAP then use apple cider vinegar. Yes it does burn and it will be painful, but if you can tolerate it and if you only have a few they can go away in just one treatment!

I'm impatient and wanted immediate results so I left the ACV on overnight. If you do not have a high pain level tolerance then I don't recommend you do this unless to take something for the pain like extra strength Tylenol. I soaked round cotton pads in ACV and used large band aids and medical tape to hold them in place. In the morning I took a shower and washed the area gently and was surprised at how well it worked. If you try this I also recommend doing it every other night because it is very uncomfortable. The ACV will cause some skin discoloration, don't be alarmed it's not permanent, it will go away in a day or two after treatment.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel works just as well, it just takes a lot longer. I recommend this as 'suppression' treatment, use it so that the warts don't come back if you've decided to use ACV first. The benefit of this is that you don't have to experience any pain, burning or too much discomfort if you decide on this as your first treatment. The gel needs to be refrigerated so placing the cold gel might be uncomfortable but if your warts are irritating and painful the cold gel could be soothing. Please make sure to buy the good stuff, you can't find this at your local pharmacy! Buy this at an organic market or apothecary. It should come in a brown plastic bottle/jug and the label should say to refridgerate after opening. Buying aloe juice is not the same, make sure it's gel from the center or the aloe vera plant. I also use this as an overnight treatment. Whenever I feel a bump I place a liner on my panties and apply the gel all over the area. In the morning I was off. I would suggest that men use cotton briefs or boxer briefs. The warts gradually minimize in size until they disappear.

I hope this is helpful! Good luck to all!

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ACV is such a life saver! haha but it isn't for the weak. It does burn like crazy!!! but everyone listen to this post! it works, you just have to toughen up and stay on top on this! consistency is key, so is staying healthy. BEAT those damn warts back to hell

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