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i recently had a tooth abscess i tried rubbing garlic on my gum and biting down on it as this is supposed to work, but it didnt but what did help is noromol and orajel even though the gel says on the box for tooth ach and cracked teeth it does work on abscesses......
but what really helped is changing my diet i cut sugar out of my diet as much as i could
(because if you have any pain or inflamation in your body sugar exsagurates pain, even though rubbing garlic on my gum didnt work by having two cloves of garlic and a 1/4 of an onion in my diet every day reduced the pain by half after just 24 hours. the day after that the pain reduced by 80/ and by day three i was vertualy pain free as long as i kept sugar out of my diet and having the garlic and onion every day.... if you do have an abscess they can cause complications so make sure you get treatment this is just a quick fix until you see a dentist.. hope it works.

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