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First off let me start with some information of my situation;
18 year old male
very active
good immune system, had one high fever in the past 7 years
no stds,stis, etc ever before

This was my first outbreak of genital warts. and it was bad. i had it on the shaft, the testicles, thighs, everywhere. this came as a shock as i do use protection so i was at a loss and felt very demoralized. i looked at them hoping it was not what i looked up online. After a long time of that, i sucked it up and accepted the fact it was genital warts. THAT MADE EVERYTHING EASIER BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

Because i accepted it, i started looking for home remedies and came across ACV treatment, asprin crushed up with water, and vitamin e. using all of these, i became gential wart free within a week, week and a half AT MOST.

Now I'll explain the process. I did all the 'heavy stuff' at night (ACV). i bought braggs organic apple cider vinegar and poured it in a cup. I'd peel off a piece of toilet paper and soak it in it. I'd take the TP and place it on the Genital Wart. this BURNS but you have to tough it out. just sit or lay down, whatever helps more. cover it with a band aid. use that for an hour then remove it all. you'll see all the white spots (Genital Warts) pop up. More will show than what you think you have. do not be discouraged. This is them being killed. Once everything is removed. crush up 3-5 asprin and make a paste with it using either the acv or water then spread it over the white spots. leave it over night and wash it off in the morning. when it's washed off, apply a topical vitamin e cream allllllll over. leave that on throughout the day. repeat this process as needed. the vitamin e can be applied anytime youre going out and don't have time for acv and asprin. This helps!! just stick through it. Having genital warts is demoralizing and this process will kill those suckers QUICK. Good luck to all!

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How long have you been clear since usin this

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