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Plantars warts are the worst. I had several for about 5 years on my R foot, then I got one on my R 2nd toe (it looked like a tumor). I tried everything under the sun (ACV, gorrilla glue, tape, salt water, cutting at it, vitamins/zinc, cantharadin that I bought from a canadian pharmacy, etc.) What finally cured it was a specific highly competent dermatologist. I went to multiple doctors and a podiatrist prior to her with no success. This doctor used cantharadin plus and freezing. The cantharadin blistered up the warts and then the freezing blasted the virus from the outside. I had used cantharadin and had tried freezing before but not with such a good doctor. She was EXTREMELY aggressive with the freezing, it hurt so bad but pain is ok if you think you are making progress. She only was so aggressive b/c I told her I wanted that level of approach. So without summarizing my whole experience, it was a very competent doctor at the end of the day that helped (fortunately I had already hit my deductible b/c she was expensive). Remember all docs are not created equal, ideally find one that at least uses cantharadin or some more progressive approach, not just acid pads, that shits dumb it spread mine. I had tears in my eyes when they were gone it had given me so much frustration.. Having a party to celebrate their demise soon!

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