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I have had ringworm on and off for a year. Went to my Dr. and was prescribed a cream to put on 2x's a day. It would go away for a bit then pop up again. I am a big compound W freeze off person. I use it for skin tags, broken skin capularies, and little cuts that you just keep picking over and over and never heal. I tried it on a small area and boom gone. Now it hurts a little bit (dont keep the applicator
on skin for more than 5 seconds). But my fungus got killed on contact. Followed up with gold bond in my groin and previously broken out area's as a safe measure and it is just gone. I wish I would have done it sooner and saved myself almost a year of hiding my bum. Hope that helps and this was just my experience.

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What is the name of what u use and where did you get it


'Compound W' get it at your local drug store. It freezes off skin tags and warts etc.


Does this really work on broken capillaries? I'm desperate to get rid of my broken veins but in the uk they charge £250 per 2cm !

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