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In my experience, the best way to beat this stuff is by saturating a light tampon with Australian tea tree oil and using that to insert the vitamin C.

This is best done at night.

I started this on the week of my period and I plan to do this as a regular preventative for consecutive monthlys.

Also, on a daily basis I drink a concoction.

In a one quart jar,
1/2 teaspoon tumeric
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (w/ the 'mother')
Top off with filtered water and drink throughout the day.

I believe sugar and coffee and smoking are the biggest culprits of this. We share this in common, so I've noticed via comments.

Most people don't have it laying around, but Mediterranean wild oil of oregano is the most amazing ANTI-EVERYTHING in a bottle.
Use this on tampon for the most stubborn case of bv.

I truly hope your search for natural cures end HERE.

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What's the frequency for this treatment?

I find that a lot of the natural remedies don't have a 'times a day/week/etc' and I never know how often to use the treatment in order to complete the round of treatment.


Well when mine came back, I took to the internet for these natural remedies. I took oral antibiotics that helped for a couple months, but once it came back I decided not to do the doctor thing again.

How often do I do this? Every time I have a period.

For the week of my period, I just insert the vit. C and saturated tampon in the evening until my period is over.

This method has helped so great! In between periods I have ZERO symptoms. answer your question, every evening the week of your period.

If you have symptoms in between, don't be afraid to do the c and tea tree tampon without having your period.

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