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Yellow mustard really works! Put it on your burn and wrap it in gauze. It takes a couple of minutes but it totally takes the pain away!

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I definitely agree !


Yes this totally works! Burned my fingers tonight grabbing a skillet handle right out of the broiler! Had ice on it for about 3 hours with no relief when I remove the ice. Decided to try mustard and this took about 5 mins to get some relief but it is working!! Also I witnessed a McDonald's worker fall and her arm went into the hot deep fryer......they slathered her arm in mustard before help arrived!


It worked for me


i tried a few suggestions and like others the minute i removed burn from the treatment it was still hurting bad. vinegar seemed to make it burn more although there is no open wounds. this mustard trick really, really helped. it burned some a few minutes but after that it soothed the pain. i used regular mustard, i seen mention of dijon.

amber arnett

I just burnt my 3 fingers and they r blistering I can't find any relief for the pain

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