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I,ll try to keep this as short as possible, sorry in advance for the length of the entry.
This is what i have learned and feel the need to share. I am only looking for truth, and not advertising anything, not trying to prove any points, i just feel we should find the truth together, by sharing what we find.

(a 'quick' side note. These are the few things i found to work for me after googling for ages and using a bit of my preworked nature healing common sense.
For warts i would use fresh unprocessed (so not blended if possible! and preferably without contact to metal! (ceramic knife) ALOE vera gel. I have had somehow gotten warts all over my hands and even a few in both nostrils and on a lip, twas a nightmare! Some on fingertips, so that obviously made touching any other body part with hands tricky..
What i did was after washing my hands lightly dab just enough but not too much fresh aloe gel all over my hands everytime, not rub in, just let it air dry a bit and put on natural rubber gloves without powder and change these a few times a day and basically just keep them on while im doing something using hands. Whenever not using hands i would try to have the gloves off as much as possible to let them breathe and try not to touch anything lol and sometimes put on aloe gel so it can dry properly and cover my hands in a thin aloe cover. They were all gone in about a week! It might have been the intention i put to healing and cleaning my body too.
(Fresh aloe is the only amazing cure for arthritis i have found (put on bandages and take a bit internally twice daily) and also a friend of mine gave a teaspoon of freshly squeezed aloe juice to her 1 year old that had fever for two days and within hours all his symptoms were gone, we dont know if this was aloe or maybe his body or mood but this is what happened.)
FRESH LEMON JUICE also worked i found. If the skin is not cracked, i would squeeze a few drops on warted area as often as possible. Just keep a little plate on hand with lemon cut in half so u remember to do this often.
On feet i would use ORGANIC TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL. Just be sure to have it touch the skin as little as possible other than the wart!!! Warts spread by touch so be sure to touch as little as possible and wash hands thoroughly everytime you treat warts cause if they spread its no party.
Oh and i think TURMERIC POWDER made 3 or 4 warts on my hands disappear in few days a few years ago. After washing my hands i would just put some on the warts and stick a plaster or a piece of bandage (to be more ecological an nonsticky) on a few times a day)

what it really is, is not the warts, not the dandruff, not the terrible flu, or whatever condition. That is not the real problem. Really. Its only side effects.
First of all, i know if youre searching all over the net for the solution to whatever physical problem u might have, youre probably stressing out and not in a good mood at all. Please change that immediately, because everything is going to be just fine, dont worry. Being down definitely does not help the condition and from what i know, definitely makes it worse, and of course, its no fun to be freaking out.
(if youre religious, the christian bible says not to worry 365 times, and it is one of the key points in many other bibles and ancient texts! I am studying physics and am deep into science and have found many times, that this is very important. Just saying. And sorry i just gotta quote bobby mcferrin.. 'In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double.. dont worry,, be happy' yes he makes music with his mouth, bobbys the man hehe)

The next thing is,, forget about the warts or whatever for a second, look at your life. Do you know about fractals?
Whether youre interested in spirituality, or are more of a 'fact' person and like the word 'science', or both, this is something for you and hopefully will change your life for the better. Fractal is a never ending self similar pattern in short. I dont know who is reading this, what your background and field of knowledge is, so i dont even know where to start, actually. Dont worry, this is important, im not just typin away cause ive got nothing better to do. The discovery of fractals has changed our world ridiculously. And yes this info will hopefully cure your warts.

I will just start with an example of how our scientist fellows are putting it to use, other than of course making your computer and other devices work so incredibly. Bare with me, this is going somewhere.
If you take a tree in a rainforest, pin down its proportions, or say, branch length and count and probably boring to most of you things like that, and then do a very basic examination of the rest of the forest, you will see that it has exactly the same proportions as the tree that grows in this forest, only of course on a larger scale! The parts of the organism carry the info of the whole organism, otherwise it would not function properly.

While this might seem a boring example and a rainforest might not even appear as an organism to some of you, this applies to everything i know of. Fractal is mathematical. The world has structure, its not chaotic like it may seem. Imagine a busy street in the evening with lots and lots of traffic. Now speed it up, doesnt it look a bit like our bloodflow..? Whitish and red/orange lights flowing both ways of the streets, pulsing to the rythm of the traffic lights.. This might seem thin and dreamy to a lot of people, but im telling you after studying physics (+quantum), math, biology, sacred geometry, and parts of other sciences, this IS an example.

What i wanna get you to think about is how your life looks like your body. Emotional, spiritual, physical aspects of both, your job, diet (including body care, more below), family, associates, home, goals, etc. How its all interconnected and interdependent. Even things that might not seem connected, definitely are, i promise, they ALL are! There is no other way. It would not be the same if you changed one little detail anywhere. Think of a sudoku puzzle.

The point is,, of course you can start cleaning up (your body, diseases, house, family, life, society, world, galaxy, whichever scale you wanna think of) through diet for example, which a lot of people do and it changes everything of course.
Less processed food, instead fresh food made with love and care, grown in well functioning systems with sunlight and care without system disturbing chemicals and genetic engineering, as little as possible contact with hormone disturbing plastic, and all that = better functioning organism, less disease, better mood, cleaner mind (i promise, it works that way, its rly connected!), more conscious choices, etc.

Body care obviously makes a huge difference too as for example skin is our biggest organ and where as when you ingest something, it gets filtered through your digestive system and all that, when you put something on your skin or when your skin comes in contact with something, its in your blood within seconds (sorry, cant remember how many, but its rly quick)! Which means it gets pumped up and down your whole body, feeding every bit and organ.
(I personally use basically just coconut oil (instead of skin creams with toxic ingredients that you dont even need and cause disease; oil pulling; as a carrier oil for essential oils to clean and soothe a wound, etc) and theres so many extremely simple alternatives to toxic commercial products like skin creams, tooth paste, toxic shower gel and shampoo, house cleaning products, etc that will make your life easier and cleaner. Commercial products are there to make things worse, so you can buy more! It has been proven so much!!!

So anyway, got a bit carried away, sorry hehe,, What i was saying is that you can start with diet and the physical feed, of course, and its great, but, what about the bigger picture? Do you feel like theres any tumors in your life or society that can be fixed or given thought and get started to be worked upon..?
What if everyone or even just one fifth of the people started making tiny changes,,?
Im sure as you will start to look into healthier (=simpler) living if thats where you want to start, you will find so much more insight into what life is and what is it that youre looking for.
If you feel like you want at least little change in your life rather than just trying to cure one more disease, or just are lazy right now and wanna watch something, try this one about the fractal system. Give it a chance, really, they will give you an idea, its not just chit chat about some cool form or math. Theres more on youtube about fractals and other useful stuff (with arthur c. clarke for example). (and nova are cool guys, theyve collected a lot of info that has been hidden from us, so that we keep consuming and slaving blindly, like for example that the poles of the Earth have reversed and are reversing now.

What i know from studying quantum physics and a few other sciences, is that as soon as YOU give thought to making life better, it affects ALL of us! The intention is contagious. And of course, if you start making little changes in your life, in your family, at your workplace, in your city, etc, it will change EVERYTHING. Again, think of a sudoku puzzle.
And to mention disease, it doesnt take 'direct' medication to cure it. Pieces of environment change to align with other parts of environment. Disease is not some dead object, its a living structure.
A more solid example is that saliva or living cells of a human in a petri dish in a laboratory react accordingly immediately, no matter what the distance, to changes in that persons environment, same as the person. A more subtle example/idea is that if you work upon fixing a tumor in your family life or career or daily routine, etc, maybe the conflict in your body, between your cells will start to change too.
Sincerely hoping this helped someone!
Have a great life! All your problems and diseases will pass!!!
Ask questions about life!

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Wow. So very very very true. I wish I could meet you!


Finally someone with a rare sense explaining well , thank you , thank you so much .

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