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Very Effective With Zero Side-Effects

1. Wake up in the morning, brush your teeth drink 2 glass of warm water. Wait for 15 mins eat homeopathic medicine called sulphur 30 (Sounds dangerous but homeopathic medicines don't have any side effects). Do this step every 3-4 days in a week only; don't do this continuously because it makes your skin dry.
2. Don't eat anything for 30 mins.
3. Eat 5 Almonds after that.
4. Wash face with water and rinse gently. Apply honey to affected areas.
5. Keep for 30 mins and rinse again.
6. Don't eat fried food or food with lot of oil in it.
7. Try exercising like running or gym in which you sweat. Wash face once done.
Remember, if your face gets too dry after every wash simply apply some moisturizer. (apply in less)
8. Before going to bed eat 5 almonds and a homeopathic medicine called nux vomica 200. (Only 4 days in a week)
Diet Recommendations: Eat fibrous food make sure your stomach is good always to counter Acne and voila!

Results start show after 15 days and take upto 2-3 months depending on how bad your Acne is. But, this is a very strong and effective solution. You will never remember what Acne is.

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This is nuts!! Homeopathic meds can have side affects!! Nux vomica is used for upset stomach. I've never heard anything about use for acne or using it on a daily basis for any length of time. People be careful when it comes to ingesting anything.

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