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Cary Bridgeford

I am 50 years old women and here is what happened and also the results. My normal cycle (period) started 28 days apart and lasted 5 to 7 days. It was heavy first two days then tapered from that point until ending. About 8 months ago, my period became a couple days delayed followed and started light and going extremely heavy. When I mean extreme it was going through a super plus every 45 minutes and keeping a pad on to catch any extra that was urgently dripping out as I B-lined to the bathroom. This lasted the longest about 10 days. This bleeding happened at least 3 months before I caught a break and it went back to light, heavy and gone at 7 days. I'm now 50 and 9 months and missed my period all to together? OH my God! I was peeing constantly my breast were so sore I could not stand it. I kickedin Motrin 800 at least 3 times a day. And rushed to my Dr office for a exam cause I knew I was pregnant. I Was of course NOT pregnant. If you don't want to count the many fibro tumors that are chilling out in and on my womb! The largest is 3 inch by 3 inch. I knew they were there as I did have a MRI done last year and those uterus buddies were detected. I have chosen not to get surgery as I am not experiencing any other then heavy bleeding at this point of my so called perimenopause life. Which my kind and unsensative dr of 18 years that I love terribly informed me once he gave me the negative results of my pregnancy test. I must have cried for two days after the negative visit thinking I had lost being able to have children. (Keep in mind I had 2 brats and now a grandmother of a girl/boy) but the thought of not having the right to have children was overwhelming and down right not American. After the girls I had grew up. I became 'Sex in the City' girl. Have a had wonderful life and very fun. So I went through life thinking I would never change. But the change is here. Now With that missed period that showed up almost 3 weeks later, came with that mild beginning! I was so happy! I'm ovulating again! With old eggs! Just want to add that sense this fiasco began, I also learned that women are born with all there eggs. And they get older just like we do. Unlike men that produce sperm until they die. I know I know. But don't let it get to you. They also are unable to keep there penis hard about the time we start perimenopause! Checkmate! But once the bleeding began it went crazy again. I knew that something had to be done. Dr of 18 years was no help. Called cause I was sure that I would need a blood transfusion soon if I did not get this under control. My second Doc! The internet brought me to the page. And thank God and the person whom started it. I used the pineapple juice 5oz can and the lemon shaped like one in plastic. Used about a 1 oz. mixed them togther at 10 pm. It's now 7am and I did not get up one time. I do not know how often to do the mixed drink...and when I should start and stop drinking while allowing some flow during a period. I truly thank you for this posting. I will share the knowledge with other women. Starting with my daughter that has Polysistic Ovarian Syndrome. As I have had her in the hospital with blood transfusion.

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Just a reminder that you had 3 children. THREE. Not the first time you've forgotten though.

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