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Constipation in newborn babies is a major concern for parents, especially the first-time parents. Most of the times they do not understand what is normal and what not. Talk to your paediatrician about the symptoms that need to be considered as constipation.

Try changing your baby's formula mix. At times, it helps. Also, watch what you are eating. Your diet is definitely going to affect your baby's digestive system.


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Do agreed with those comment mentioned by the people above. Mamil Dumex milk formula worked very well for my daughter. We received some samples of it from the Dumex website and our daughter stayed on it for 12 months. We tried switching her to a couple other brands but she preferred the taste of Mamil dumex formula so her pediatrician gave us the ok to keep her on the Mamil Dumex. We had no problems what so ever with gassiness or constipation with this formula and most important she loves it. She made no complaints about this milk powder and it works well for her.


I just wanted to know how your DD has handled the Movical?? I started to get worry... My DS has just been prescribed the Movicol half so we will be starting him on it tomorrow.
Really if starting with milk formula that contain pre-biotics can help to prevent constipation


personally I dun encourage to use too many movicol on kids. As the more we used movicol we have more rely on these medication. Somehow I also give Mamil DUmex for my kids which I think is a rightful formula milk which this formula milk contain alot of pre-biotic that can help to prevent our kids from getting constipation. so far my kids have no issued with constipation and you will suprise the stool is just nice..:)


What you eat won't affect your baby if you're feeding formula. ???? ...

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