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Constipation in newborn babies is a major concern for parents, especially the first-time parents. Most of the times they do not understand what is normal and what not. Talk to your paediatrician about the symptoms that need to be considered as constipation.

Try changing your baby's formula mix. At times, it helps. Also, watch what you are eating. Your diet is definitely going to affect your baby's digestive system.


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my kids with 3 year old also got constipate


Same goes to me too. My LO told me her stomach not feeling well.. then whenever she had her bowel movement it takes a long time. Her stool is a bit dark and not tat solid. any solutions for this?


You can try those home remedies. But for long term, you can try to look for milk powder contains pre-biotics for long run. Because it's really works on the constipation baby.


I think fruit juice can help! What I did was make freshy squeezed fruit juice for my LO to give more fiber and also smoothen the bowel movement!


My cousin suggested me to give a try on Mamil for 7 days and see how it works when my daughter was having constipation 2 months ago, She also told me tat Mamil does not contain any sucrose and has very high level of DHA. The pre-biotic ingredients also help to prevent constipation for children.


Mamil is not good.. My child condition din get better after i switched her formula to Mamil and its expensive..


My DD is currently taking Mamil, all her poo poo is healthy! I think should be the help of Mamil!


How long did u let your child drink Mamil? Sometimes it do take longer period of time to solve child constipation. It depends on health condition. My son drink for 3 weeks I only saw improvement. Every parents want the best for their beloved child..


What worked for me was plenty of fiber - fruit, vegetables and some whole wheat...

I would also recommend to read this article:

It is all under 'one roof'.


Yes, my son got constipated in before. But after I switched to Mamil it solve my issue. My son has no long constipated and no more hard belly. Feel happy to see his playing with happy smile.

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