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Mr. Nomorewart

I'm a 44 year old male. Had a wart on the bottom of my third toe for 5 months. First month used salicylic pads as I thought it was a corn, no sign of wart. Second month revealed it as a wart continued to use salicylic pads. It only helped lessen the pain. Moved onto apple vinegar cider for two weeks which caused terrible pain. Moved onto banana peel for 1 1/2 months, about 5 times in total and each time it killed off the top of the wart only to find it growing under the blackened scab. Tried a hot needle at the center of it, nothing but another scab and another wart growing underneath that. Went onto freezing methods, zero results except for pain. Tried colorless iodine, tea tree oil, vitamin E, hydrogen peroxide, castor oil, epson salt baths, crushed echinacea, nothing. Finally after 4 months of doing this, decided to attack it internally, 2 multi-vitamins and 600mg of Tagamet a day with echinaceas capsules at morning lunch and dinner. After a month the pain subsided and I could walk pain free. About a week later I still noticed the cauliflower appearance, it was white with black dots. I also noticed some dead skin around it and went to remove it and the wart pulled right out leaving an empty socket, no blood. It was about 3/16' in diameter. The next day the socket was gone with new skin growing in. There is a lot of strains of this virus, bottom line for me it really needs to be attacked internally.

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What exactly did you take? And you said it took how long?

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