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I suffer from tooth ach at nights, which is annoying. iv tried a couple of stuff like migraine tablets it work with throbbing teeth and wisdom teeth. iv also tried 2 cups of vodka and red bull before I went to bed. it help a lot with me. iv brush my sare teeth because theirs bits of food could be causing the sare tooth and afterwards I get a cup with warm water and add 1tea spoon of salt and mix it in and gargle for 10s and spit it out, the pain goes away in 5-10 mins,it helps with bacteria. iv use bonjela adult iv put it on my sore tooth which it did work for a couple of times. the one thing that finally worked was oregano oil I got from a herbal shop. I applied it directly to the swollen area and tooth then swallowed the run off .finally 48 hours minimal pain just a slight ache every now and then. hot tea bag directly to the tooth. Tea contains tannic acid, which reduces swelling. Other solutions: A cucumber slice placed on the tooth or a cotton ball soaked in brandy - alcohol has numbing properties, too

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Google free dental day. Also look for dental schools that will reduce the price.

Gums & teeth pain: Clove & peppermint oil, swish mouth with warm salt water, use vanilla extract, tea tree oil, baking soda.

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