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I was basically giving up on my vagina, tired of consistent infections and sometimes for no reason at all. Tired of taking antibiotics and waiting months with suffering before seeing a gyno, I started checking out multiple forums and stumbled upon a ton of Hollistic remedies. Everybody's body is different. I myself happen to have dealt with eczema since I was little and so my skin is sensitive to so many things. No surprise that my vagina is also sensitive. I went through all of the endless options and chose my own method to my vagina ailments and I want to share it with all the others out there with similar issues.

It can be confusing as to what to buy and how to take it so I will try to be as clear as possible.
I purchased all the below items at GNC but I'm sure most pharmacies have it or online stores.

Everyday: I take one Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 90billion probiotic pill by mouth. Everyday I take one 800mg folic acid pill by mouth.

When I have an infection: I do the above and I take one 500mg of Natures Made vitamin C (no rose hip or additives) (other ingredients that are okay- absorbic acid, cellulose gel, hydroxyproply cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide). CUT THIS PILL IN HALF. Before bed I insert one half into my vagina as far in as you can get it. I have had no issues with it leaking down into my underwear but you can wear a panty liner if you wish. I think wearing loose boxers and no panties or panty liners lets your vagina 'breathe' and air out. In the morning you may feel a little better depending on the severity of your infection. I also have had no issues with it burning. The lower the dose and the smaller the pill the more likely your body will absorb the pill and it should not burn or leak out. Again, everybody is different.

However, continue with the folic acid and probiotic by mouth everyday, basically forever. Insert a half of 500mg vitamin C into your vagina for 3-5 nights during your infection. It worked for me and I hope it works for some of you. Everybody's body is different. I hope this helps! Good luck ladies!

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