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I had a thrombosis hemorroid that started out as a little bump...then got bigger and I was really concerned about surgery. I went to the the creams..changed my was getting bigger. Then I read on one of these sites about Melalucca tea tree oil. I mixed a few drops in some coconut oil and applied it directly to the hemmorroid. That was on a Thursday...Saturday evening as I'm typing this...I can now sit comfortably..the size of the thrombosis is almost to where I first discoved it. I can't believe that 3 days of a natural product took care of this for me. It's not expensive..I don't sell it. BUT I'm a believer now. Put about 9 drops in a 1/4 cup of the oil and mix it up. I use gloves to put it on about twice a day. It works..I'm letting you know about this b/c someone else took the time to help me with their post.

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Hi Frank, I am suffering too and the pain is unbearable. Went to my local emergency department and was given cortisone cream and suggestion of using a barrier (zinc based) cream. A week later and hardly any better. Was thrilled to read your post, and amazingly it was written only a couple of days ago. thank you so much for posting. I have all these ingredients and will try this.


Yes it's true! Coconut oil helps the itchiness also.


The ACV burned me I think. I put it on a cotton ball with coconut oil and now I have a white-ish kinda crusty layer on part of the thrombosed hem. Did this happen to you??


if that happen. you are recovering. my gone after it got to that stage.

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