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I tried red cross broken tooth remedy, I tried 20% benzocane oragel, I tried some other type of pain relief that came is something that looked like a pen. The red cross product seemed a lot stronger than the others but didn't do anything. I then came on this website and tried the garlic cloves, garlic salt, and mouthwash. I would say the garlic salt had the most potential but still didn't reduce the pain.
That night ice was my o my relief in pain. The following day the pain kind of left but came back entirely that evening. I was taking 800mg ibuprofen and ice bailed me out again. The following day I bought acetaminophen and begun taking full doses of both 1000mg acetaminophen and 800mg ibuprofen. I waited 4hrs to take the acetaminophen since the ibuprofen was on a 8hr schedule. This has been the only real relief i have had. according to websites it is safe to take both at the same time. I never received much help from pain pills even vicodin or percosets, but for some reason taking both together has really helped me. Hope it helps you

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Midol works for mine along with warm salt water swishes and fish mox forte for infection

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