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First of all I just want to thank everyone on this site for commenting and sharing the remedies that helped them. Without this site I feel like I wouldn't have had hope, nor known what to do. I was diagnosed with BV and took the 7 day course of antibiotics which helped for about three days afterwards and then it came back. I didn't have any issues with smell or discharge. My issues were burning during and after sex as well as burning during when I was peeing. I also had anal itching and irritation, as well as burning when I was washing myself with bodywash. My vagina was also even irritated when I would wipe myself after peeing. Along with redness and swelling and even feeling like I had to pee all the time. Here is what I did: I started drinking a lot of lemon water with apple cider vinegar in it. I bought women's probiotics and took them orally (a lot more than the recommended dose on the bottle.) along with putting one pill in my vagina at night. All of this seemed to help but not all the way. I didn't feel all the way normal until I douched with one part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts steam distilled water. I also bought AZO cranberry urinary tract health. Within a day of taking these pills and doing the douche I immediately felt better. I suffered with my BV symptoms for about a month before I felt better. It took me about 2 weeks to feel better after the antibiotics didn't work. I also went to my local health bar and got juices that contained: kale, parsley, lemon, dandelion, garlic, and ginger. I read that these can help balance your PH and make the good bacteria survive better in the vagina. The brand of probiotics I took was ultimate flora vaginal support 50 billion, and optima women's 90 billion active probiotics. I also used tea tree oil suppositories for vaginal health and the BH essentials probiotic vaginal suppositories for BV. All of these things helped tremendously but I immediately felt 100% better after the apple cider vinegar douche and the AZO bladder health pills. I feel like the BV had maybe travelled to my bladder making me have to pee more (just my personal conclusion). Also I took vitamin D and Vitamin C. Anyways I hope this helps somebody out there! Good luck and god bless.

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thanks for info im going to try this


Hi Brittany!
Thank you for posting this! Your symptoms are exactly like mine! I also feel like my bv has made its way up to my bladder making me feel like I have to pee all the time. How are you feeling now? I just got back my test results saying I have BV. My obgyn sent in a 7 day antibitoic of flagyl. I am scared to use it since antibiotics kills all bacteria :( but I will do take them. I am also going to take some of the stuff you recommended so it doesn't come back.

Brittany h

So i dont have ant stds but i douuched with apple cidar vinagar after my period and now i feel like i have to pee every five minutes any reasons why

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