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Found out I have GW about 2 days ago thinking the redness was just a yeast infection on the head of my penis. Could really use some advice on the topic of Apple cider vinegar. I'm using it pretty much all the time, the soaking method with cotton wool. It has changed the warts to a while and has brought up A LOT of small ones around my penis as well, some have gone a kind of brown/black colour also. My question is, should I give it a break for a day or two or keep going? Also the urethra of my penis seems to be swelling as if the acv is drawing one out from there as well. Any advice or a detailed description of the process and stages to watch would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I dnt knw for how long ur msg is, but I tink my advice is for you to continue they will disappear I promise u


Hey, they did disappear but seem to be coming back slowly. Itching and redness has begun and the opening of my urethra is flesh coloured but slightly swollen (looks like lips). Put some acv on again and some white showed up but the next day it seems to be gone but I am badly burnt. Any advice again please?


Sorry forgot to add that after that first treatment I have what looked like and ulcer on a part of my foreskin, the part that would be touching the head of my penis when pulled up... It was open and looked like pus was in it but healed. Can still see what I think is scarring from it. Is all this normal or should I get and std check while I'm at it?

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