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works great

OMG lets just say ACV works wonders but burnt the shit out of my vajj.... u have to get the braggs unfiltered ACV. Apply some to a cotton swab and place on the wart with tap or a bandage. Leave on for a couple hrs then take off then apply JUST a bandage. Leave on for couple hrs then reapply a swab once again and repeat. The acv DOES burn u so make sure u put some ointment around none wart area. I did this yesterday and today its gone. But IT DOES BURN UR AREA DOWN THERE....

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YES!!! ACV is the only effective treatment I have found for warts! I had warts on my hands and around the finger nails for months and tried every thing you can imagine. I tried OTC and doctor's office freezes, creams, gels, blah blah blah. Soak the area in AVC for 10-20 minutes daily and drink a shot of it everyday too. They will be gone in a week!!!!!!!!


What is ACV ?


Apple cider vinegar.

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