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Poppy Kat

I contracted a toenail fungus from a nail salon about 10 years ago. I was tired of having to wear shoes and socks all the time because I was so embarrassed of my yellow thick toenails. I did a vinegar/Listerine foit soak for a few days, but the smell really bothered my husband. I did some research online and found an antifungal ointment called Terrasil. Its kind of expensive, but its working. Its been 3 weeks. The infected nails are flaking off and the yellow color is gone. This has been my daily routine:
In the morning before showering - wipe nails with isopropyl alcohol. Use a clean cotton swab for each toenail.
After showering - dry toes with a hair dryer on the hottest setting for as long as I can handle it. Apply the Terrasil ointment to affected nails. Use a new cotton swab for each toenail.
Spray shoes with an antifungal spray.
Go barefoot as often as possible throughout the day.
At night, wipe nails with isopropyl alcohol, dry with hair dryer, and apply the Terrasil ointment. Sleep barefoot.
Every third day, I take an emery board and file down the nails. Use a new board for each toe.
The key is patience and persistence.
You must do your foot/nail treatment every single day until the new nail is grown in, in order to eradicate the fungus. This will probably take many months.
Good luck!

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