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In October I was diagnosed with anal warts. I was very lucky in that I know my body very well and only had two tiny ones when I realised something was up and took myself off to the doctors.

To begin with my sexual health clinic thought it was best to just try the 'freezing' treatment, after about a month and a half of going for treatment weekly nothing really happened. The warts didn't get bigger or smaller, it basically didn't do anything.

So we decided to move onto another treatment, they prescribed me with ALDRA at first it worked it was very painful and made going to the toilet very uncomfortable but it worked, my two warts decreased In size and everything seemed positive. however the cream also caused extream itching which as I'm sure anyone who's reading this can imagine does not help the situation! Before I knew it another few warts began growing In the area and panic started to set it. Although the ALDRA had worked it basically stopped after the first month of use, if I put it on now it doesn't even hurt the area, it just itches.

That brings me to now, two weeks ago I came looking for people in my situation and found this AMAZING website. well I hadn't even heard of ACV (Apple cider vingar) or even Thought of using home remedies! I've read through everyone's advice and decided id give it a go.

I bought some ACV, thuja and celandine. For only two nights I've put a little AVC and thuja on a cotton ball and left it on the area for about 10/15 minutes. I've also been adding celandine to water and drinking daily, I've also started taking vitimin c daily. And I have actually already began to see a difference my warts have started reducing in size and the itching has stopped which will obviously help stop re infection! It does sting abit and I suspect it will get more painful but I'm willing to persist in the hope it will work.

I'm in a relationship so it did put quiet a spanner in the works for a little while. Lucky for me my boyfriend is very kind and supportive. Originally I was devastated and ashamed of my warts. I couldn't believe I'd been so stupid to have had unprotected sex and let this happened, (I must have contracted the virus before I met my boyfriend but it just hadn't shown symptoms) my boyfriends doesn't have them and hasn't shown any signs. Anal warts are common and I'm realising it's just one of those things and stressing about it will only make it worse.

If my own treatment continues to work I will post about it!

Stay positive to anyone suffering! Remember you are not alone, it's mega common and they will go!

Defo try AVC and thuja but just a little a first and see how your body reacts, everyone is different!

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Keep update the information pls... Thx and good luck

RC Cola

Thanks for your post. I have been using the ACV for about a month, and seeing very little results. It has been uncomfortable and I have noticed some discoloration, which I hope is not permanent. I was wondering how effective you think the thuja oil is and the celedine (sp?). What is the exact mixture that you use for the ACV and the thuja oil?

Thanks so much!


I think the thuja is really helping, not as sure about the celandine as have had positive reaction already and cant see how drinking could have such a strong effect so quickly, but I'm no doctor so could be wrong.?

Literally all I do is put the AVC on a cotton ball then put a full perpet squirt of thuja onto it as well. Currently I'm leaving on for a max of fifteen mins at a time. AVC is acid at the end of the day and will burn skin and cause sore areas. I'm just trying in moderation. But I think a new positive attitude and not stressing about them is also helping.

These are the exact products I'm using...

Thuja Herbal Tincture 50ml From Amazon £6.29

Herb Pharm Celandine Extract, 1 Oz from Amazon £14.95

Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946 ml From Amazon £11.70

RC Cola

Thanks so much. I will try the thuja oil and let you know.

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