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Suffering from this myself. Terribly annoying. Ruins quality of life at times. Have been managing for about 10 years Id say. Best of luck to anyone having to treat this or get treatment.Here is my two cents. MY REMEDY: Just recently discovered that I can sit on my toilet next to the bathroom sink, turn on the hot water until it is scalding hot(do so at your own risk, beware not to hurt yourself, make the water as hot as you can handle but hot enough to kill bacteria and fungus so pretty hot) and soak some unscented baby wipes with Vitamin E and Aloe and carefully dab the affected areas. At first it may seem a bit painful but Jock itch in itself is painful enough. I dab the affected areas for a few minutes or until I feel amazing. The itching and ticklish sensation go away, I experience relief for about a day or more. I actually feel normal. Combining this with a topical ointment will most likely keep you problem free. My theory is that the pain that we all experience is due to an infection that occurs from scratching them in the first place. I also theorize that ticklish sensation we all get before scratching is the actual fungus feeding on our skin. Once you scratch away the dead skin(that the fungus has eaten) you are essentially giving the fungus a new layer to feed on. The problem, is that we get an infection that burns like CRAZY. After using the scalding hot baby wipes I believe the hot water begins to kill the fungus because they cant handle the extreme heat. You also kill the bacteria causing the infection. I theorize that the reason jock itch can come back so easily is that fungus may continue to live within our rectums and slowly move back into the neighbourhood of the scrotum in due time. They must also love certain dietary choices that we all have. Maybe spicy foods or trans fats. Greasy foods probably. Certain proteins. Not enough greens. Try changing your diet into something that isn't attractive to them. Do some more research. But seriously Hot Water Baby wipes until relief. Try it. It cant hurt :)

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