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it's my 2nd day of applying ACV on my gw and i'm kind of frustrated that i can't see nor feel any results. i don't know what to do now because i've been reading the other posts and they said that you can see the results as fast as day2. pls enlighten me guys. i'll still keep on applying though. is my situation normal? my warts are just the small ones under the head of my penis.

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I'm pretty sure some bumps under your penis head is normal...


Try dettol hand sanitizer.


Small white spots under the head are called Fordyce spots and are normal, if the acv isn't turning them whiter and biting after a few days they will 99.9% be fordyce spots and are normal, they are just glands


Hi. I'm having a GW after i started my pregnancy. I heard bcs of the pregnancy,my immune system drops down and causing the warts to get larger. Anybody knows what is home remedy for GW during pregnancy. I really wanna get rid of them bcs i wish to have a natural birth :(
Pls help ! Thanks guys

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