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Dana L.

I've had psoriasis for 38 yrs with it the worst on my scalp. I've done light therapy, steroids, medicated shampoos & conditioners (including prescription strength), aromatherapy & essential oils, topical ointments & creams...EVERYTHING you can think of and nothing has worked as fantastic as Vicks Vapor Rub! Yep, you read right, Vicks Vapor Rub. I apply it to my scalp lesions (my entire scalp and back of my neck are affected.)and the menthol is so soothing. Once my entire scalp has bee treated I put a processing cap on (a shower cap will work too) and leave it on several hours. In some cases I leave it on overnight. I admit, it can be very difficult to wash out but don't let that deter you! From the immediate soothing it provides to tight, itchy skin to the complete removal of crusty, thick plaques of skin it's an absolute miracle!

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Did your psoriasis Go away permanently? What r the side effects? How long did u use this treatment


Me I have used vicks vapor and it is really soothing

The skin and removing dead skin. YOU should try it

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