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Suggest a multi-drug topical(i.e. apply to skin) therapy.

After bathing immediately wash the area the Clorox bleach.

Use acetic acid vinegar pack therapy.

Take a piece of cotton or flannel, cloth folded to four thicknesses large enough to cover the infected area. Saturate the cloth in vinegar and place over the infected area for at least 30 minutes.

During the day cover the area with either vasoline and camphor like Vicks vapor rub or mix iodine with vasoline.

You can concentrate the vinegar solution. Water boils at 100 degree C while vinegar boils at 118 deg C. Simmer vinegar and slowly reducing the quantity of water to increase the amount of vinegar in solution.

Treatment is very cost effective but takes time. Pack therapy shows almost immediate results while just rubbing vinegar on the area show much less of an effect

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Another good solution did this myself is tea tree shampoo I bought a little travel size bottle at ulta and put i would dab it on 2 times a day and it was almost gone in 4 days!! I'm not sure how the cream and everything else is but this worked miracles and the peppermint in the shampoo leaves a cooling sesnation I would definitely recommend it to anyone!


I have tea tree EO but what is tea tree shampoo? Where can I find it? I rescued a puppy and she now has ringworms.....I have 3, 8 and 10 yr old plus two cats and an inside shitzu. Puppy immediately attached to me and slept in mine and kids beds on our pillows and so on ect. We have been exposed beyond measure and I'm really panicking bc on top of that I have been going crazy researching and experimenting on how to cure and treat MC (Molluscum contagiosum). My older kids had it and just let it run its course but my 3 yr old and I aren't so's everywhere and still multiplying! Hoping and praying this last website/treatment guide is our answer!🙏🙏🙏
Ok, so not only do I need to treat this puppy but I would also like to do something as a preventative for my family and other pets! Please help!!!!! I feel so helpless and lost as a mom. Breaks my heart!

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