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I have an extreme fear of dentists and have had a lot of dental work done in the past. Starting two days ago, I've had the most severe pain in my back teeth (cracked molar, still have wisdom teeth), ear, and jaw. I've had an abscess before and this pain is worse than that. I know, I know, I need to get to a dentist, but until I can gain the courage, I've been resorting to home remedies.

After reading everyone's posts, some things that worked (as a combination) to subdue the pain to at least get some sleep, were:
Fresh garlic clove coated with salt
Minced garlic/Soy Sauce on a wad of paper towel
Warm salt water mix
A heavy dose of mouthwash
2 Ibuprofen with a mouth full of liquid Motrin
An ice cold water bottle on the jaw swelling

I did wake up in worse pain than I fell asleep in, so tomorrow morning I will be grabbing some garlic powder (to make a paste) and some tea tree and coconut oil.

If anyone else has any working suggestions, please let me know! I can't seem to get this ache away.

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Garlic powder is probably pointless, minced fresh garlic will contain anti microbial stuff :) for another time, here's hoping you won't need it!


I'm having the same pain as you was I tired the mustard it helps somewhat I did onion bite down on the onion and leave it on the spot for about 5 minutes heating pad I even found a hot bath to work I even Swiss coconut oil in the area and saltwater

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