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I'll cut things short

I have AC for quite some time and I've tried several methods to kill it

However I'm unsure if I am on the right track so, so I have some questions regarding the process

1. I've tried the dish soap method, and my lips get really dry. Is this sign of the recovery process, or is the situation getting worse?

2. When I apply hydrogen peroxide (anti-sceptic) I realize there is an instant effect of 'whitish gooey substance/skin' producing? It is more obvious on the right corner where there are 3 deep cuts, compared to the left

3. During the recovery process, should I open my mouth wide to check on the wound? Because usually it gets really tight & and I suppose the situation is
not improving due to the tightnes and I would usually open my mouth

p.s I have eczema

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The white stuff is from a yeast infection. AC is essentially a yeast infection on the corners of your mouth that can be caused by many things. Don't use dish soap it's not going to do anything special to help. Go to the drug store and buy some Lotrimin for jock itch. Use a little peroxide to clean and prep the areas that are affected. Make sure the area is dry, then apply the Lotrimin LIBERALLY about 3-6 times a day. It can help to put Vaseline over the Lotrimin once applied to reduce the odds of a drink or spit penetrating the Lotrimin. If that doesn't fix it after about 3-5 days, make a doctors appointment as it may well be bacteria related and you will probably need a prescription strength antibiotic.


i was wondering, when you first apply the hydrogen peroxide to the corner or your mouth, and the instant white yeast pop up, do you try to rub the white stuff off or apply antifungal cream over it and continue to do this until its gone? thank you.

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