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Received 29 stitch nasty gash over my eyelid and forehead after being sucker punched while wearing Maui Jim banyans. Terrible Mess! (Wish I could put a pic up for you to see. Two weeks now since injury.

As soon as you can, get rid of the bandages and let it breath so you can wash it. To prevent infection I used head and shoulders shampoo to wash the wound. not soap. Triple antibiotic polysporin with vitamin E. Keeps it nice and moist with all the protection you need from infection.

Once sutures removed (took 10 days), Been using:
Bio Oil: Kind of burns and it slowly creeps into my eye. Put it on very lightly. Very dry must add moisturizer on top of it.
Vitamin E Capsules. Cut off the tops and put on the scar.
Eye cream. ie: Clinique, Lancome anything you put under your eye for moisturizing, put on the scar. Stay away from anti wrinkle, it will tighten up the scar and be uncomfortable.

I will do this for as long as it takes and keep you up to date.


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Mikey Update 1

Vitamin E oil is definitely OUT! Bad allergic reaction caused eyelid swelling. 8 hrs until relief.

(Castor Oil may do the trick. The brand at the drug store contained
Vit E so I made my own mixture of A&D)

The last 4 days using mixture of Vitamin A and Vitmn D. Cut top of capsules squeeze out into shot glass. Mix in a little petroleum jelly; apply thinly yet often.
Very soothing very comfortable yet shiny. Keep the scar from scarring further! Apply as needed when you feel the tugging.

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