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I have recently bought the Vitamin C with natural rose hips, the brand is Finest Nutrition from Walgreens, and I'm at the end of my rope when it comes to BV. I just wish that I could have a normal sex life and I wish that I could give my boyfriend better. I have tried everything until I saw the vitamin C pill remedy, but then I saw that it burned very badly so now I am scared to even put it in my vagina, but I want this to go away so bad. Im just looking for opinions from people about this remedy. Is your sex life back to normal? Did it burn when you used it? Please leave your input. Im tired of this smell and having to worry about it whenever Im around people or when I have sex with my boyfriend. Im tired of being embarressed when having sex...

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When u use the vitamin c with rose hips push it in as far as you can followed by a tampon. That will prevent it from burning...


I tired both regular Vit. C and Vit. C with rose hips 500 mg. The reg. bit. c burned like hell. Maybe check the mg on the Vit. C w/ rose hip it could be you need to break it in half. LOTS of yogurt, like 2-3 cups a day and probiotics in pill form. And make sure you are having protected sex... Hope this helps! BV is a Bitch!


Put the vitamin c 500 no added preservatives inside a tampon first, then insert the tampon in your vagina. Let the tampon stay for about 2hrs, then remove it. There is no internal burning or stinging. It only stings if the tablet touches the outer area of your vagina region. I been using vitamin c-500 mg, no rose hip, and I'm bv freeee! No odor, no discharge. I'm more wetter during sex too!!


Cut down on the mg's to 250 and it won't burn. And use straight vitamin c without rosehips.


Been struggling with BV for 10 years now!
I have just now tried the 500mg Vitamin C with rose hips. Inserted it into my vagina.
Also took a 800mcg folic acid orally.
After about an hour, I started feeling an awful burning. MAKE SURE you have coconut oil when you do this! It helps tremendously with the burning!
Take out the cotton in a tampon, and dip it in the oil. Insert it for about 30 minutes.
The burning is nothing someone can't bare though. Especially If you have struggled with BV as bad as I have! So don't be scared ladies!!
This remedy works! I had discharge the first night.. After that, nothing! It was gone! I recommend you doing this about once a month until you feel confident it's gone.


I used the Vit C with hip rose and it did not burn


I used the vatamin c with Rosehips from Walgreens and I inserted in the vagina and it was burning really bad I'm hoping it dissolves cause it hurt when I walk I NEED HELP ASAP


I've had BV for a year. Inserted vitamin c with rose hips in almost 12 hours ago and it still burns when I pee I've taken another shower and it still burn, so I'm just going to take it orally from here on out because this burning is very unbearable someone help me....

Feeling Hopeless

I’ve suffered with BV for years and it’s ao annoying! I recently heard about using the vitamin C with rose hips from watching YouTube. I must say, after just one use, I felt so relieved. The odor was gone and so was the diacharge; however, the very next day I did smell a slight odor again. So later that I night I inserted another pill. The smell went away again, but I noticed I still had discharge but it was inside of me like it wasn’t coming out...I only saw it as I was removing my finger after insertion. Now when I wipe, the tissue is strange. There is a smell but it doesn’t stink. I’m so confused I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve inserted the pill every night for the past three nights and I take vitamin C & D daily. I’m not quite sure I’m cured yet...this is so depressing.

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