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My wisdom teeth have been giving me problems over the past 2 years this year is the worst!! It drives me insane omg.. I have no insurance ive tried attending dentistry colleges for cheaper service but no luck have to arrive early an they only accept 14 ppl per day.. using peroxide as a mouth wash use to help.. bought a gingivitis mouthwash it helped 1 side then weeks later the opposite side is giving me problems now warm salt water doesn't help I pop ibuprophen Tylenol bc powder sleep aids everything on the verge of overdosing. I found that alcohol (vodka, amsterdam, ciroc, whiskey, jack daniels) helps it numbs it use it as a mouthwash or hold it on the tooth for 2 min. until it doesn't tingle I swallow it u don't have to though but this helps (for now)

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I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain.check to see if you're eligible for Medicaid. Under Obamacare the rules have changed.medicaid will pay if you need to have a tooth pulled.just make sure the Dentist you choose accepts Medicaid. He should offer to give you Norco or Vicodin.if he doesn't ,ask for it because you're going to need it for pain. it should alleviate the pain 100%.
Good luck to you!

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